Are you and your business prepared for COVID-19?

As we all adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic reopening, and the changes that have come with it, GJB wants you and your business to be prepared to weather the shifting legal and business landscape. For business owners the questions of our new normal strike at the heart of your livelihood and the livelihoods of your employees. For example, 

  • Does your insurance cover your COVID-19 losses?
  • Can you withdraw that prospective employee’s job offer?
  • What are your obligations to employees who are at high-risk or even contract COVID-19?
  • Are your business continuity plans ADA compliant? 
  • Are you ensuring customer and client data are secured and confidential with employees working from home?
  • Are you an essential business and when can you reopen?
  • Are you obligated to provide refunds for prepaid services that cannot be performed?
  • Are your contracts pandemic proof? 

At GJB we are here to answer your questions and help guide your business to avoid liabilities and maximize legal compliance in the post COVID-19 world. Put our decades of combined business law experience to use for your business.