Ron Jarashow Receives Maryland Association of Justice Award

Gormley Jarashow Bowman LLC Partner Ronald Jarashow was recently recognized by the Maryland Association for Justice for his article on “Cross Examination: Scientific Impeachment Foundations and Techniques.” The article, published in the Spring 2012 edition of Trial Reporter magazine, was selected by the MAJ as the best Trial Reporter article of the year. Ron received the award in recognition of this honor on April 18 at the MAJ membership dinner.

When writing his article, Ron’s inspiration was an incident in the 1990s when he had a client hypnotized to “recall” what happened in a truck – car collision where the driver was killed. Since that time, he has been interested in the subject of how the brain recalls events even for normal witnesses. Building upon his experience in this area, Ron focused on some of the very recent research concerning the inaccuracy of eyewitnesses to create an article that goes beyond typical subjects like cross examination tips.

Ron was particularly honored to receive this award from the MAJ, which is composed primarily of lawyers committed to representing victims for injury recovery and criminal defense, and which provides continuing legal education of the highest quality.

To read the complete article, click here.

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